Week 5 -Stereo Technique – MS Matrix

MS (mid side) stereo technique – This techniques is what you call a coincident techniques (this is when the microphones are positioned together) this creates a center image for the stereo. This is directional is the way it picks up sound. The techniques uses one side microphone, which is always a microphone with the polarity of figure of 8 (bidirectional) and generally the middle microphone is a omnidirectional microphone, but other combinations can be used (reference week 5). The middle microphone gets the center sound of the stereo in mono and the figure of 8 picks up the left and right in stereo. The side microphone is panned left and right. (reference week 5 for more information as this is heavily involved).

Here are a few combinations for this technique:

  • (Mid) Cardiod + (Side) Fig 8
  • (Mid) Omni + (Side) Fig 8
  • (Mid) fig 8 + (Side) Fig 8

This techniques is good for recording acoustic guitars. Makes a wider stereo.


Fig 8 on bottom + Cardioid


DPA 4090 | condenser | omnidirectional with the AKG 414XLS | condenser | polarity switchable (set to fig 8).



Two Royer R-121 | dynamic ribbon | fig.8 (bi-directional). Fig 8 + Fig 8.

We learn’t how to set up this technique as well as test it in pro tools 10. The instructions to doing this is here: http://www.zigzagmusic.com/ms-screenshots-939/

There follow below are my notes:

  1. Create a stereo Fader +phrasescope (Muti Channel plugin – Sound field)
  2. Then create 3 AUX Named (MID), (SIDE +) and (SIDE -) One side in phrase and one out of phrase.
  3. Next is to pan SIDE + Left and SIDE – Right
  4. Add bus inputs to MID (Bus one ) and the Sides (Bus 2)
  5. Create 1 mono audio track (name mid)
  6. Create 1 stereo audio track (Name side)
  7. Make MID’s output bus 3
  8. Make SID + and SID – to bus 5-6
  9. Now add invert phrase. Trim in pro tools to 3 AUX Inputs. Plugins (Insert) – Other
  10. Done
  11. To test it works open phrasescope and turn off the red light. Highlight the Master and create a aux track (Name OSC)
  12. Then add a signal generator in insert plugins.
  13. Then make the bus 1 or 2 to test the mid and sides.

    MS matrix on Pro tools.


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