Assessment one – Evaluation

‘Something Beautiful’ overall went well as we used a wide range of recording techniques like Glyn Johns Technique, Decca Tree, AB etc. We created a skeleton track for the drums, so then the piano could be recorded in time. Once that was we recorded the Bass using the DPAs and then the guitar with the 2 Neumann TLMs, then we recorded the vocals with the AKG 414s Aisha (in the booth) and Frankie (In the chilli room) recording at the same time, then Tony afterwards. Then Drums were recorded again. The recording session went well, however I feel that we can improve by recording again as we as a group understand the functions considerably better with the techniques used, pro tools and the general use of the studio. Some of us were taken out of our comfort zone to perform to the best of our ability.

The mixing and mastering  ‘Something Beautiful’ was exceptional. I imported the WAV files into Cubase and used EQ, compression, gating, reverb and delay to achieve a mix that had no clipping. I was pleased with the creative mixing on the guitar solo sound i made with the pingpong delay plugin i used and the big reverb sounding drum sound. I just experimented with the EQ, Compression and plugins to get sounds I liked. In order to improve I feel that I would need to practice more at mixing and mastering, as this was my first mixed and mastered song. What a lot of people in the industry do is have 2 people do the mixing and mastering. One person mixes and then the other person masters it. Also to improve the mix and mastering is the acoustic environment in which it is mixed and the speakers used. Such as RT60 (  and high end monitor speakers. Overall conclusion though is that this assessment went well.


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