Week 12 – Mastering Assessment 2 and Evaluation

Mastering of assessment 2 to make it louder/ clearer.


Stereo EQ to add Loudness

Stereo EQ to add Loudness

Mix Bus Compression:

Mix bus Compression (Configured the ballad present)

Mix bus Compression (Configured the ballad present)


Limiter to avoid clipping.

Limiter to avoid clipping.


Maximizer to make the piece louder.

Maximizer to make the piece louder.


Dither - 16

Dither – 16

Master of Assessment 2:

Brief Assessment 2 Evaluation 

The recording techniques AB, Decca tree, MS, XY, and ORTF went well when we recorded them. Though given the time I would have recorded them again because of the background noise picked by the talk-back. To improve further I feel that we could have experimented with the sound distance, but given time we rushed recording the our techniques because we started recording them as a group with Cris on the guitar, but then realized we had to do it individually. We did this in 40 mins as we were running out of studio time, however felt the recording demonstrated the different recording technique and the different/ varieties sound that could be achieved. Given time I would have recording again, so that there was no background noise.

In the mixing process I created the illusion of  being in a concert hall with the use of reverb and I also used a compressor to even out the recordings. Then I experimented with the EQ to achieve sounds I liked from each technique. Mastering was exceptional, by adding a mix bus compression, Dither, limiter, Maximizer to get a loud recording. I think that the mixing and mastering can be improved with use of recording monitors and a ideal acoustic environment such as RT60 as I discussed in assessment one you usually have 2 people do each mastering and mixing. Assessment 2 overall went well.

Reference Tracks:

1. ‘Blowin in the wind’ Bob Dylan – Clean acoustic sound

– Access date [17/12/2014]

2.  ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Ed Sheeran – AB recording technique

-Access date [17/12/2014]

3. ‘Drifting’ Andy Mckee – Acoustic guitar in a big room for reverb

-Access date  [17/12/2014].


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